From now I will write in english (I´m sorry if grammar or spelling isn´t 100%) and I will start with “WorkLife” or “MyLife”. “WorkLife” will give you inspiration and explanation to different exercises, maybe with a way, a how or just for a fun workout. “MyLife” is the page where I get to write about stuff, because I love it. My thinking is that you can decide what and if you want to read =)

Yesterday I was at a gym in Fuengirola, a typical bodybuilding gym, down in a basement and there were a lot of machines and heavy dumbbells. I didn´t have a plane for my workout I just wanted to see the gym, to lift and move some heavy things. I decided that my goal is to get sweaty on the Procedosplatform and try to get one person to ask what I´m doing, I got two 😉

3 variations of pulls in a cable

Bellow you will see 3 picture´s of an exercise I did yesterday, they are all from the same foundational movement, pull or row, but with variations. Why?                                                       First of all because our bodies are designed to move in multiple planes, the tissues loves to get loaded from different angles. Second, my nervous system had to respond to different angles of load in every set, which will develop it. Third I think it´s so much more fun to do variations of a movement!

  1. Load from below, will get me more into my glutes and hamstring. Because my flexion and internal rotation of the hip will be in a longer range than the other two. You will also get more into the upper part of your backmuscles.
    2. Middle one, is the hardest one for my balance, I don´t get the same load/help from my leg and glutes. The flexion of my back is less then in 1. so my arm will be a bit more by itself. Muscles around the shoulder blade will be more loaded.3. Absolutely the most restricted one for me, I can feel backline of the fascia, from R foot to left hand is tight in this angle. This one is a bit different in movement, because I bend my knees while pulling, which I didn´t do in the other 2= different load of the body. Who should do this? Everyone who likes to have variations to play with, also you guys who want to have a strong back and shoulders. Give it ago! =)

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