My mind is going everywhere! I do love the thoughts about that we are in Spain and we are really trying out one of our biggest dreams. The dream to live a life in a warmer country, close to mountains and ocean. I do love to challenge myself and this might be the biggest challenge I have ever taken! To leave my lovely family and friends, my clients and my job which I loved. A job where I was doing great in, I had a to go to everyday, people knew me and I was in no need of ”hunting” clients or things to do. It was a nice and safe environment I was living in, but in someway a bit boring, or maybe to easy…I don´t know why both me and Björn always wanted to try something else.

With a smile and with butterflies in my stomach I see this challenge as something that can turn out to be the best thing I have ever done =) But the next moment I feel insecure, I start analyzing everything that could go wrong and all the ”if´s”. I have a hard time to see how I should start my work again, I don´t know the language, I don´t understand the organisation behind the gyms and I lose my self confident. Then I go for a session at Crossfit Fuengirola, a run or yoga. I breath, I sweat and I just let the thoughts be, it does always feel so much better afterwards! Then I can look at our little Dia (our puppy we´ve adopted) and just feel satisfied with being her, I look at Björn and I feel safe, love and happiness to be able to this with him. I tell myself that it´s ok to not be a trainer right now, it´s ok to not make money for a while and it´s ok to only be me!

Tomorrow we will move to the house we´ve rented for a year and it will keep me busy for some days, and I can see so many good things come out of this =) I will look into the possibility to offer small and personalized training weekends, for you guys who would like to come and live with us. Stay tuned 😉

Time and a free mind will give me creativity to make great things happen!Take a ”chillpill” it will be alright!

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