Mobility, stability, stronger or just for fun, we give it a try =)

Some of you, my clients back in Sweden, have asked for programs over the internet. I have been thinking about it and how to do it. I believe in the personal contact you can create when you met face to face, and I do love that interaction! Also I think that 3D training/rehab is hard to coach by a computer, because there are so much movements that depends on the situation…BUT I have decided to give it a try. We will work with videos combined with pictures and text. I hope and think that it might be a great tool for you and me =)

I think you all know the importance of feeling needed and to be confirmed as a human but also in your profession. I miss my job and my clients, so this will be a great solution for me to stay in contact with you =)

Do you feel like having a new full body program every week or month? Are you injured or in pain, we will make a plan for you to get back in training as soon as possible. Are you pregnant and want a coach along your pregnancy and after delivery? Maybe you are going to your country house for some weeks and want a program for that?

How do we do it?

You start by sending me an email and we will take it from there.

This is me filming exercises to a client who want stronger feet and more mobile hips to be able to run longer without problems =)

Our feet and hips are so important for our everyday function! All of us need to take care of them. Your feet are carrying you around everyday and how much time do you spend on them? To make them strong, mobile and ready for all the load?






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