#personligareträningsresor at Costa del Sol

I have some dates if you, your family or maybe your best friend/colleague want to have some days in the sun, with hot weather and relaxing atmosphere. Stay with us @casafrazze in your own apartment, start your day with a yoga or 3D-session. Go to the beach, stay by our pool to work or relaxe. Come back to one more session and we will finish the day with a dinner by the pool =)

We have designed a standing workplace for you 😉 As you can see, it´s a nice spot to be working on!

If you have a injury or any problems with pain, we create sessions that will make you feel better. The combination with deep tissue treatment ant 3D-movements are amazing for your body!

If you want to play golf, we start the day with treatment and movements that will prepare your body for the 18 holes. So that you will feel ready and strong before you enter the course!

Free dates, come for two nights or a week, you choose! Book flight to Malaga!

2-8 juli , 16-19 juli, 1-5 augusti, 10-20 augusti. Some dates in september and October aswell, send a PM =)


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